Beefy [rig] for Blender

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Beefy [rig] for Blender


Character rig originally created by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin for maya, that I adapted with Rigify for Blender.

You can now practice body mechanics with this strong rig, and it's easily customizable!

Remember to get this add-on https://github.com/ChristopheSeux/rigUI to use the picker gui.

Release Log:


Fixed invisible controllers for 2.8.


*** Warning this update WILL BREAK your previous feet animation ***

Adjusted IK foot pivot point to ankle, now all the foot controls are ok!

Fixed tweak controls visibility problem.


Added nice panel for performance and visibility settings under the tools in pose mode called "Beefy".

***Screwed up tweak controls detected, will fix for 1.24***


- Fixed a driver that wasn't letting the hips render.

- Replaced the property "vis - waist" for "vis - hip"


- Fixed hands and feet controllers visibility when having FK layers on and IK layers off.

- Opensubdiv and viewport subdivision are OFF by default.

- Slight fix on the picker.


*** Warning this update will very slightly break your feet animation ***

- Adjusted the pivot points for the feet roll and rocking, now its correct!

- Enlarged the hand FK controllers

- Added the hand FK controllers to the picker


- Created group setup for Linking.

- Fixed finger colors in Picker.


- Improved weight paint under arms.

- Created picker panel ( you need to install this add-on to use it --->  https://github.com/ChristopheSeux/rigUI )


- initial release

This is licensed under a MIT license.

...and If you like me to bring more rigs to blender buy me a beer!

www.lollypopman.com / www.pintamonos.cl

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